The Importance of Personalized SAT/ACT Test Prep

By Huntington Learning Center

When it comes to teens preparing for success on the SAT or ACT, here’s something parents need to know: not all test prep programs are created equal. And one of the most important things parents should look for when evaluating companies that deliver test prep courses, says Eileen Huntington of Huntington Learning Center, is whether the program meets students’ distinct needs.

“Because no two students are exactly the same, the SAT/ACT prep course each student takes shouldn’t be the same either,” says Huntington. “Huntington test prep programs are successful because they are customized to each student. Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to test prep results in some students getting left behind.”

Huntington shares several reasons that parents should seek out personalized SAT/ACT test prep for their college-bound teens:

Every student has different strengths and weaknesses. An area of strength for one teen might be an area of weakness for another. Thus, a “broad brush” approach to preparing a group of students for the math test of the SAT is unlikely to work well for everyone. The content of what is taught and the methodology must be tailored to each student’s abilities.

Every student learns at a different pace. Just as classroom teachers differentiate their instruction in the classroom, test prep teachers need to take into account that every student has unique challenges. A great SAT/ACT test prep curriculum will be efficient, focusing on areas where teens need the most help and delivering the content at a pace that works for them.

Not all SAT/ACT tutors have the same qualifications. Too often, parents assume that hiring any experienced tutor of high school students will work when it comes to helping their teens prepare for the SAT or ACT. Not true. It’s essential that teens work with qualified teachers who are experienced teaching to the SAT and ACT. These teachers know the tests inside and out and understand that to achieve the best results, they must adapt their tactics and study plan, depending on the student(s).

A personalized SAT/ACT test prep program begins with a practice test. It’s difficult for an a test prep teacher to be as effective with students when they don’t first administer a diagnostic evaluation in the form of a practice exam. A full-length, timed practice test not only gives students a true feel for what the SAT or ACT is like, it gives their test prep teacher a baseline for instruction. With detailed results, a teacher can develop an SAT/ACT prep program that addresses all weaker subject areas thoroughly.

Huntington says that Huntington’s excellent track record with college entrance test prep is due to the learning center’s individualized approach, but parents should rest assured that Huntington SAT/ACT test prep is both specific and thorough. “When we work with a student, we cover all the bases,” she says. Making sure students are ready for each section and subsection of the exam is a big part of that, but we also cover essentials like improving their speed under pressure and stress management. The point is simple: the best test prep program is detailed and addresses students’ individual needs and goals.”

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