Does Your Child Need Homework Help? HuntingtonHelps LIVE Has You Covered!

By Huntington Learning Center

With children everywhere learning exclusively at home, all school work these days is “homework.” But is your child getting the support they need? Learning and school during the time of COVID-19 is quite different, after all. The challenges your child faced before schools closed haven’t gone away. In fact, those skill gaps might be widening as the days go by. 

What can you do to help your child learn and keep up with school work? Turn to HuntingtonHelps LIVE

HuntingtonHelps LIVE is Huntington’s virtual tutoring platform that allows children to receive one-on-one and small-group tutoring and test prep services from the comfort of home. So, if your child is struggling to… 

  • understand those Algebra problems
  • revise that paragraph to fix any grammatical errors
  • write a compelling argument essay
  • understand an assignment
  • organize their day and establish a good at-home school routine 

…Huntington’s certified teachers can help. They offer individualized homework help to students in grades K-12. You schedule an appointment and your child connects with the teacher on Zoom. It’s simple and streamlined, and your child receives the same caring instruction they would receive in our Huntington centers. 

Overcome School Challenges 

Schools are doing their best to keep children learning, but the reality is that children are losing knowledge during this time of remote learning. Another issue is that children who struggled before school closures are continuing to do so, but without the hands-on guidance in the classroom from their teachers. 

For these reasons, it is essential that you get your child the support they need now. If you are juggling work and other responsibilities, it’s difficult to add school support to your plate, especially if your child is missing essential building blocks or having a hard time understanding some concepts and topics. Huntington can help your child with specific subjects, create a personalized tutoring plan to cover multiple subjects, and build study skills. 

Tips to Help Your Child with School Work 

When it comes to helping your child be successful with remote school, many of the tried-and-true homework strategies are the same. Here are a few tips to ensure your child makes the most of each day and learns effectively: 

  • Encourage good communication. Your child needs to get used to communicating with teachers through email, chats, and posts. Guide them to read all communications from teachers, ask questions in a timely manner, and self-advocate when more guidance or support is needed.
  • Create a good school space. By now, you’ve probably tried to get into a routine, but if your child is still attempting to do school work in front of the television or has trouble keeping the school “station” organized, it’s time for a change. Set your child up in a place that is free of distractions and stocked with the supplies your child needs.
  • Fine-tune the schedule. Does your child have good habits in place? Are they getting enough sleep and scheduling time for school work? Make sure your child’s school hours are set for a time of day they are most productive and alert. And remember to encourage your child to take frequent breaks. Teachers do not want your child to sit in front of the computer from morning until night. Create a schedule that includes outside time, exercise, and non-screen time for activities like reading. Try Huntington’s Reading Adventure program.
  • Establish expectations about your availability. If you have a younger child who needs more support, but you’re also trying to work from home, set some ground rules for when your child can get your assistance. Consider scheduling work calls during the time that your child is reading and playing independently. 

These are trying times for all families with school-age children, but Huntington is here to help. Call us to learn more about scheduling regular tutoring sessions for your child to ensure they get the support needed to succeed with remote learning. You can help your child keep up and stay on track for next year with HuntingtonHelps LIVE. Learn more at