Huntington Learning Center Launches 2019 Reading Adventure Program

By Huntington Learning Center

Summer break is a perfect time for children to establish or renew a reading habit, which is why the Huntington Learning Center is launching its annual summer reading program, Reading Adventure. 

Reading Adventure introduces children to high-interest reading material and gets them excited about reading. Running from May to August, the program is for students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Students choose books from Huntington’s pre-selected book lists, which offer a variety of high-interest choices by grade level and reading ability. Students then record what they read in their “reading passport,” sharing their opinions and observations about each book. 

Reading is an easy way for students to mitigate learning loss over summer break, Eileen Huntington of Huntington Learning Center. “The goal of Reading Adventure is to show children how fun and exciting reading can be, but the major benefit we see with children who participate in the program is that they retain their reading and literacy skills during the months they aren’t in school, she says. “As with any skill that takes practice, students who read regularly become better at it, which makes it something they’re more likely to continue to do. Reading Adventure makes reading enjoyable and benefits children at the same time.” 

Huntington shares that getting children to read over summer is easier than parents think. She offers a few tips on how to get their children reading during the break: 

  • Make an effort to find “best fit” books. What are your children into and excited about? Find books on those topics if your children seem uninspired when choosing their own reading material. Librarians are a great resource that can help you search genres and point children toward high-interest books.
  • Read together. Sometimes, the best way to get children reading is to let them see you doing it too. Make family reading a relaxed nightly tradition.
  • Set goals and establish small rewards. There’s nothing wrong with using a little bribery to motivate children to read more. An ice cream outing or sleepover with friends for every two books finished might be just the incentive a child needs.
  • Find a nearby used bookstore. Wandering through any bookstore is stimulating and enjoyable, but there’s something uniquely special about used bookstores. Take your children to one in your town and let them loose. The prices are low but the sense of discovery that accompanies every visit is high.
  • Subscribe for newspaper delivery for the summer. These days, reading the newspaper to get your daily or weekly news is a novelty that many children might find fun. Reading the paper over coffee and orange juice could be a summer morning tradition with the early risers in your home—or save it for night time (with hot chocolate, of course).
  • Read some blockbusters. Try choosing and reading a family book-turned-film together, then plan a movie night later this summer. There are lots of great options for children and teens out there, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and The Lightning Thief, to name a few. 

To learn more about the Huntington Reading Adventure program, contact Huntington Learning Center at 1-800 CAN LEARN or visit 

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