Results Show Huntington Learning Center Improved Students’ Math and Reading Scores

By Huntington Learning Center

Scores Increased 35% in Math and 33% in Reading 


In October 2022, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released a report, known as “The Nation’s Report Card,” that showed math and reading scores for fourth and eighth-grade students declined between 2019 and 2022. In math, the national average score declines for both grades were the largest ever recorded. A majority of states saw lower scores across grades and subjects.  

 These results are concerning but not surprising. The 2022 NAEP report affirms that COVID learning loss is an issue that does not simply go away because schools have been able to return students to in-person learning. By fourth grade, students need a solid foundation of math and reading skills as they approach middle school. And by eighth grade, students without good math and reading fundamentals are at serious risk of falling behind in high school.

 While The Nation’s Report Card findings are alarming, during COVID, students at Huntington Learning Center improved math and reading scores as follows:  

  • Math | Initial score: 39.9, New score (after 50 hours of tutoring): 54.0 | Score increase of 35%
  • Reading | Initial score: 37.8, New score (after 50 hours of tutoring): 50.4 | Score increase of 33%

Although The Nation’s Report Card highlights areas of huge concern for our country’s students, it validates something we have long shared with Huntington families: individualized tutoring works. Our work to help children become better students and increase their grades is meaningful and important, and our approach is effective. After working with Huntington’s tutors, students achieve improved math and reading scores. This not only helps them in school, but it also boosts their confidence, mitigates the risk of them falling further behind in their academic careers, and opens up college options for them that would otherwise be closed.  

Individualized Approach to Combat Learning Loss 

Huntington’s methodology is unique and proven, resulting in high levels of success.  

COVID learning loss and any type of learning loss are current problems that many students today are dealing with. However, we work with all kinds of students and help them with everything, from subject-specific guidance to study skills development to SAT and ACT prep. The common factor: Huntington’s tailored approach.  

Through a four-step method of evaluation, planning, customization and communication, Huntington can help students improve their grades, increase their confidence and rebuild their motivation. The very first step we take is to administer an Academic Evaluation with each student to assess their academic needs, areas of concern and areas of strength. This allows us to customize a program for the student so that they can learn effectively and at their own pace. We meet regularly with parents to discuss progress and we’ll even involve teachers and school staff if needed and approved by parents.

To parents, the effectiveness of Huntington’s methods becomes obvious quickly. It’s really easy for parents to see that what we do at Huntington works when their children start earning better test scores and homework grades. It is noticeable when a child’s entire demeanor and attitude about school changes for the better. But the good news is that the numbers back up our claim that we have a proven track record of success 

How Huntington Achieves Improved Reading Scores 

Huntington uses research-based, varied, and comprehensive curricula to deliver the most 

effective instruction. Our reading program integrates active learning techniques, context-based tutoring, and phonics instruction to help students improve their reading skills. Our balanced reading program is aligned with the findings of the National Reading 

Panel, which addresses each student’s abilities in the areas of emerging literacy, phonics and sight words, comprehension, vocabulary, reading strategies, fluency, and study skills.  

How Huntington Achieves Improved Math Scores 

As in the reading program, Huntington’s math program uses research-based methods and curricula. Those include Principles and Standards for School Mathematics by the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics, Third International Mathematics and Science Study, and the National Assessment of Educational Progress Mathematics Framework. We help students expand their math skills and learn how to apply prior knowledge and experience as their math schoolwork becomes increasingly difficult.  

Significant Results After Three Months  

Huntington’s long and consistent track record of helping students achieve results is what matters most. While COVID learning loss is on everyone’s minds these days, we’ve been helping students improve their grades, test scores and confidence for 45 years. On average, our students increase over two grade levels in reading and math in only three months of tutoring instruction. On the test prep side, the average student increase is 5.4 points on the ACT and 229 points on the SAT. 

Learn More About Huntington’s Methods and Programs 

Parents who want to learn more about Huntington’s tailored approach, proven results and recent successes helping students overcome COVID learning loss should call 1-800 CAN LEARN. Whether your child’s struggles are new, or they’ve been falling behind for a while, Huntington can design a program that will help your child feel confident and enthusiastic about learning again.