How Tutoring Can Help Your Chemistry Student

By Huntington Learning Center

How Tutoring Can Help Your Chemistry Student

If your student attends a high school with a required chemistry course, or if your student elected to take chemistry and finds himself or herself struggling to master concepts of nomenclature and stoichiometry, it’s time to take initiative with a plan to get your student the chemistry help he or she needs for success in the classroom and beyond.

But first, why is success in a high school chemistry class so important? The fundamentals of chemistry are required for many college majors, including health sciences, bioengineering, and biology, and basic level chemistry is highly suggested for an even larger number of majors. Many colleges see chemistry courses as integral to an education, based on chemistry’s role in our daily lives and its relevance to a wide variety of careers. Even if your student goes on to major in English or Theater, a basic understanding of chemistry will be relevant throughout his or her life. For example, did you know that chemistry fundamentals can be applied to anything from using laundry detergent to working as a hairdresser?

In addition, while a chemistry course will likely be required during a student’s freshman or sophomore year for applicable majors, the challenge of adjusting to the pace of university-level lectures, reading requirements and lab procedures can be made substantially easier with prior knowledge of basic chemistry, mastered in a high school course.

How can you help your student succeed in chemistry?

Seek out chemistry help through a professional tutoring service. In addition to discussing your student’s challenges in the course in an open, positive conversation and contacting their teacher for additional insight or supplementary resources, the Huntington Learning Center’s structured tutoring program, specifically designed for chemistry help, tackles every aspect of a student’s chemistry struggles with individual tutoring from highly-qualified instructors.

Most students perform poorly in chemistry for reasons a professional tutoring service can help address or redirect. According to studies, the most common reasons for failure in chemistry courses are procrastination in homework and test preparation, lack of comprehension of reading materials, inadequate math preparation (basic algebra is a must), relying on others to do assignments (or do the thinking for them), and simple fear of failure. At Huntington, our chemistry tutoring program addresses each of these barriers to success.

With a structured tutoring schedule, your student will now have allotted time to work on current assignments in a comfortable, yet focused environment. Our tutors will explain reading materials in further detail and provide a space for students to ask clarifying questions, which they may be reluctant to do in class. Further, we can help bring your student up to speed with the math essentials for the course, and at Huntington, your student will engage in his or her own critical thinking, without relying on lab partners or other classmates to help them understand the work.

 Finally, we pride ourselves on creating a positive atmosphere of support and encouragement. If fear of failure and anxiety are your student’s greatest concerns with chemistry, we can help your student become more confident and assured of his or her abilities in no time. What’s more, your student’s improved test scores and comprehension in class will be sure to improve his or her overall attitude towards the subject.

Let the Huntington Learning Center be your student’s solution for chemistry help this school year. Visit us online to learn more about our services for chemistry help, or call today at 1-800-CAN-LEARN to speak with a friendly educational representative.