How Can Schools Use ESSER Funds to Help Bridge The Learning Gap

By Huntington Learning Center

The clock is ticking on Covid-Related relief funding (The CARES Act requires ESSER funds to be allocated by September 2023), and now is the time to set the plans in motion to use this final push of federal dollars!  

School priorities shifted in 2022 when the National Report Card showed historic lows in math and reading scores for the nation’s 4th and 8th graders. This is where Huntington can help!  

Huntington Learning Center is here to partner with public, charter, and private schools to provide high-quality supplemental educational services targeted toward students' specific academic needs and whatever lingering learning issues they may be facing. Our individualized tutoring plans help students improve their academic performance in subjects where they are struggling. By addressing specific areas of weakness, students can become more confident and capable learners, allowing for building blocks of success.  

Ways to Develop School Partnerships using ESSER Funds:  

Offering High Dosage tutoring services: Huntington Learning Centers can offer high-quality, high-impact tutoring services to students who need extra help in core subjects such as math or reading. Depending on student or district needs, these can be provided in person, online, or hybrid. Our data-driven, research-based programs have proven effective in our partner schools nationwide.   

Hiring and training tutors: ESSER funds can also be used to hire and train tutors who can provide one-on-one or small-group instruction to students. Huntington Learning Center can recruit and hire qualified teachers, retired teachers, or college students who can offer tutoring services.  

Offering enrichment programs: School districts can use ESSER funds to develop student success for every student. Huntington’s programs can be expanded to offer enrichment programs, allowing students to develop skills that lead to success. These programs, ranging from study help to giving students specific levels of attention, can be based entirely on what a school district needs. We work with students with diverse needs, expanding their success by developing a growth mindset.   

Test Prep Services: School districts can give access to  Huntington Learning Center’s personalized test preparation services for standardized exams such as the SAT, ACT, and state assessments. These programs can help students achieve higher scores on these exams, leading to increased opportunities for college admission and scholarships. 

Fighting the Summer Slide: In 6-8 weeks over the summer, Huntington Learning Center can provide a game-changing boost for students.  ESSER funds can be used to build a program to prevent the dreaded summer slide, which would only compound the severity of learning loss already faced by so many students following the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Working with school districts to utilize ESSER funding, Huntington Learning Center can provide a range of services and support to schools. By partnering with Huntington, schools can help their students achieve academic success and build a strong foundation for their future education and careers. Schools and students can benefit from this partnership before funding runs out.