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Huntington Learning Center Announces Results of 2019 SAT/ACT and Scholarships Survey

By Huntington Learning Center

Huntington Learning Center, a leading test prep and tutoring services provider, recently completed its annual survey of college students about their SAT/ACT scores and scholarship dollars received. Responses on ACT/SAT results (2019) were as follows:


  • Total scholarships awarded to Huntington students surveyed was $187 million, up from $140 million in 2018.
  • Of the students surveyed, scholarship offers averaged over $71,000 per student.
  • The average increase for students taking the ACT after completing a Huntington ACT prep program was 5.4 points. In 2018, the increase was 5.2 points.
  • The average increase for students taking the SAT after completing a Huntington SAT prep program was 229 points. In 2018, the increase was 226 points.

Eileen Huntington of the Huntington Learning Center says that Huntington’s test prep programs have proven successful for many years. “We take an individualized approach, which is highly effective because our programs are designed to meet students’ needs and not as one-size-fits-all curricula,” she says. “The upward success trajectory of our survey findings confirms what becomes very clear during one of our SAT or ACT exam prep sessions: customized learning yields better results.”


Huntington’s positive news comes as U.S. News and World Report shares that more students in the graduating class of 2019 took the SAT than ever before—2.2 million, a 4 percent increase from 2018. The increase is largely attributed to more states allowing schools to administer the test during the school day for free. More students from low-income areas and students whose parents did not attend college took the exam. Overall, median SAT scores (2019) for math and reading dropped slightly.

Huntington explains that while score fluctuations are to be expected year to year, good test preparation makes a difference. “When students have a good handle on their strengths and weaknesses and take the time to study carefully, they perform better,” she says. “At our 300 centers across the country, we have seen great improvement among students for that reason. Diligent, focused studying makes all the difference.”

For more information about Huntington Learning Center’s exam prep services and how they help students perform better on the SAT and ACT—and prepare for college success—contact Huntington Learning Center at 1-800 CAN LEARN or visit


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