Help Your College-Bound Teen Create A Holiday Break Game Plan

By Huntington Learning Center

While your teen certainly deserves a mental break from the hectic pace of school, holiday break is an ideal opportunity to focus on the things he or she needs to do in preparation for college. “The quiet of holiday break is a good time for teens to make sure they are on top of all of their college to-dos,” says Eileen Huntington, co-founder of Huntington Learning Center. “There is a lot for juniors and seniors to think about this time of year, and now is a perfect opportunity for students to review it all.”

Huntington offers the following reminders for parents and teens:

Consider retaking the ACT or SAT – If your junior wasn’t satisfied with his or her ACT or SAT scores, he or she must register for the upcoming test in the winter or early spring.  Many SAT Subject Tests are also offered in January —if your student recently finished a course that corresponds to such a test, he or she should consider taking the January test while the subject matter is fresh in his or her mind. Remember that the next opportunity is not until spring.

Sign up for test prep. A post-holiday exam preparation course may be just what your teen needs to raise his or her ACT or SAT score and achieve his or her goals. If your teen wants a boost, consider Huntington’s individualized Premier, 32-hour, 14-hour SAT or ACT prep courses, which will help him or her target weaker exam areas.

Brainstorm essay topics. It’s not too early for juniors to begin thinking about the application essay. While he or she may not be ready to write it, now is an ideal time for your teen to reflect on this important component of the application package and start a list of the life experiences that have shaped him or her.

Double check all application deadlines. With many colleges’ regular application deadlines as early as January 1 for incoming freshmen, your teen should be sure he or she has everything necessary to send off college applications on time. Check each college’s website carefully. Does your teen have all paperwork ready to go? Has he or she completed all requirements (including SAT Subject Test scores, essays and recommendation letters)?

Rest up for a great finish to the year. With summer vacation around the corner, some teens struggle to stay focused and on task leading up to the end of the school year. While holiday break is a good time to catch up on college to-dos, it’s also a chance for your teen to recharge so that come January, he or she is ready to take on the spring semester—perhaps his or her final semester of high school—with energy and enthusiasm.


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