Gain College Acceptance The Write Way

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Gain College Acceptance The Write Way

Gaining college admission requires a delicate balance of high school grades, personal history and participation, test scores, and college writing skills. A student works for years to gain the grades and personal history required to stand out in a crowded admissions field. But the SAT exam and the personal statement required by most colleges provide only a brief window for success.

College writing skills are unique in that they benefit both the student's SAT scores and the directed personal statement as part of a college admission portfolio. Even if your child has received excellent writing instruction during high school, the professionals at Huntington Learning Centers can help fine tune the writing skills of even the most established writer. The time spent in these tutoring sessions will provide insight on how to write focused pieces of literature carefully crafted for the: 

  • SAT ExamEach student that sits for the SAT exam is required to complete a written essay. Students are expected to read a passage or excerpt and develop a point of view from the presented material. This point of view must be based on sound reasoning and supported by a student's studies, reading, observations, and experiences. The writing portion of the SAT exam is a powerful opportunity for a student to express their thoughts, communicate effectively, utilize precise language, and develop ideas. 

The essay prompts are typically general statements that are applicable to all students regardless of location, race, ethnicity, or gender. The most recently released prompts from the March 2013 administration asked students to consider the importance of paying attention to details, setting goals, or resolving conflict. Students interpreted the reading passages and crafted careful responses to a series of guiding questions. Since the writing portion is timed, students must be able to write efficiently and process ideas quickly.

  • Personal Statement. Each college has a different admissions process and most institutions require students submit a personal statement as part of the admissions portfolio. This statement should contain a balance of spirit and substance and allow the admissions panel an opportunity to learn something about your child. It should stand out without being contrived and be substantive without being too serious. 

When crafting a personal statement a student should:

Connect to experiences. Simply listing past experiences isn't effective in a personal statement. Students should include specific examples of past experiences and discuss how these experiences will help them with their future educational endeavors. Showing a clear link between personal history and future college education provides weight to the admissions portfolio.

Look to the future. Being admitted into the college isn't enough. A student should find ways in the personal statement to describe and explain how the college can help them achieve future goals and to be successful after the education ends. 

Avoid clichés. Clear word choice is crucial since most personal statements have a word limit. Don't waste these words on hyperbole, cliches, or vague language. Students need to be clear, concise, and communicate effectively.

Be honest. Students should paint themselves in the best light possible while remaining honest. Stretching the truth or offering unsubstantiated evidence doesn't make the personal statement better, these tactics make it false. 

Huntington Learning Centers are committed to creating high quality individual tutoring sessions aimed at increasing a student's writing skills. We will begin by assessing your child's writing and determining areas of strength and weakness. Based on this assessment data we will carefully craft a series of tutoring sessions that will meet these defined needs. Ongoing assessment and feedback will provide you the assurance you need that the tutoring is a wise investment and will benefit your child's writing skills and future college placement.

Consider your child's writing skills. What areas of their writing could use attention? How can tutoring sessions with a Huntington Learning Center writing specialist boost their college writing skills?


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