Follow This ACT Study Guide To Stand Out From The Crowd On Test Day

By Huntington Learning Center

The Essential ACT Study Guide 

Many high school students can attest that an essential ACT study guide is crucial to maximum success when sitting for this high stakes exam. Preparing for the ACT shouldn't be stressful or consume all of your available time. Carefully planning your preparation, understanding which portions are likely to be difficult, and utilizing all of your available resources will strengthen your studying and help you to perform at your best.

There are several components to our essential ACT study guide and each will help ensure you are ready for the big day:

  1. Plan your preparation- The ACT is too important of an exam to leave your preparation to chance. Once you have determined which day you will sit for the exam, you should begin to map out your study time and prioritize which parts of the test require the most intense studying. Establishing a consistent weekly schedule will maximize your available time and provide the consistency vital to careful preparation. Be sure to build in extra study sessions in case your weekly schedule changes or unforeseen circumstances arise. 
  2. Understand the parts of the test- Studying the academic content areas of the exam isn't enough. To maximize your potential on the ACT you must also understand the different components of the exam and know what is necessary to achieve a high score. The ACT exam consists of English, mathematics, reading, and science and the ACT Plus Writing also includes an optional writing exam. Each of these subtests assess specific academic knowledge and skills and require exam candidates answer multiple questions within a specific time frame. 
  3. Utilize available resources- There are many different resources available to you during your ACT test preparation. The ACT website offers candidates a comprehensive online prep system, five retired exams (each containing the optional writing test), an ACT practice question of the day, a Preparing for the ACT guide, and hundreds of easily accessible practice test questions. Additionally, the professional tutors at Huntington Learning Centers are a valuable resource that can boost your ACT preparation and ensure you're ready for the big day. They will work with you to maximize your available study time and ensure your preparation is focused and driven by your individual strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Know your strengths, focus on your weaknesses- An important part of any exam preparation is the use of practice tests. Strategically taking practice tests will provide data on which sections of the test are your strengths and which will require more time. It is important to focus on the portions of the test that allow for the most growth. 
  5. Ask for help- It's possible to manage your ACT preparation on your own, but if you begin to feel overwhelmed or confused, it may be time to ask for help. Consider contacting the professionals at Huntington Learning Center if you are ready for individualized ACT study support. Your specific strengths and weaknesses will be expertly combined to determine a perfectly tailored study plan. The Huntington Learning Center tutors are experts at creating personalized study sessions that will help ensure you are prepared for the ACT.


The professional tutors with Huntington Learning Centers are available to assist with your ACT preparation. We will work with you to devise a customized tutoring plan, based on assessment data, that focuses on the areas of the exam where you can make the most growth. No two students are alike and the staff at Huntington Learning Centers is committed to providing individualized tutoring programs tailored to your specific needs.


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