Five Ways to Reinvigorate Your Child This Winter Break

By Huntington Learning Center

Holiday break is here and if your child is like most, he or she is probably grateful for a little time off school and away from homework. While a break is certainly in order and important for children to recharge and rejuvenate, CEO and Co-Founder Eileen Huntington of Huntington Learning Center encourages parents to use these next couple of weeks away from school as a chance to open the lines of communication and plan ahead for a great rest of the year.

“At this point in the year, report cards are coming out soon and it’s important for parents to check in with their children about how things are going so far and where or if they need additional support,” she says. “Keep it positive so that when January comes and it’s time to head back into the classroom, children feel refreshed and ready to finish the first quarter strong.”

Huntington offers five suggestions for parents this winter break:

  1. Talk about areas where your child feels strong. Whether your child got off to a great start in one or more classes or has made improvements in a subject since last year, take the time to recognize and celebrate your child’s strengths.
  2. Ask your child about the homework routine. By now, it should be fairly obvious if your child’s study and homework routine isn’t as effective as it could be. Ask your child how he or she feels about it and then simply listen, offering gentle suggestions. Use winter break to get your child talking freely and resist the urge to overwhelm him or her with criticism and pointers about how to improve.
  3. Spend time tidying up the study space. Getting your home study space cleaned up and restocked is a segue to discuss study skills and get your child’s thoughts on how his or her methods are working (or not). Ask your child for suggestions on how to change things for the better and whether there’s anything that might support him or her at home (e.g. different supplies or a quieter space).
  4. Encourage balance. After a couple of months in school, let’s face it: your child is probably worn out. Winter break is a good opportunity to remind your child about taking good care of him or herself. A routine will help make sure your child has time for everything (school, homework, sleep, and free time) but are there other areas where your child’s life seems out of balance? Talk about it to see how your child is feeling.
  5. Set goals for the New Year. There’s nothing like the culmination of a year to inspire your child to think about what he or she wants to achieve for the rest of the school year. Make this a constructive, optimistic conversation. Encourage your child to share his or her goals for the remainder of the semester and year as well as any sources of stress.

This winter break, take a step back from the day-to-day school grind and let your child know that you’re there for support, whether the year has gone well or poorly. “Most children need this break to unwind, but that doesn’t mean parents should avoid talking about school,” Huntington says. “Lay the foundation for good communication now and when report cards come out in a month, you and your child can just continue the conversation you’ve started and formulate a plan to guide your child toward success.”

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