Five Tips to Help Your Child Stay on Top of Learning Over Summer Break

By Huntington Learning Center

It’s the end of a long, strange school year, and for many students, an especially welcome break. And while summer break is a good time for students to relax, Huntington Learning Center reminds parents that it is important to use summer as a chance to catch up and avoid the “summer slide.”

“Every year, students lose several months’ worth of reading and math skills over summer break, and the problem is compounded this year because of the ‘COVID-19 slide’ that has occurred during the last year of on-and-off remote learning. More than ever, it is important that parents help their children get back on track if needed and keep their brains working during the time they’re not in school.” Huntington notes these five tips to help your child stay on top of learning this summer:

  1. Get an academic “checkup.” If you’re unsure where your child stands academically, a checkup is worthwhile. At Huntington, we can give a full academic assessment to pinpoint exactly where your child could use support and where they are succeeding in school. We’ll then develop a personalized learning plan that addresses their weaknesses and nurtures their strengths.
  2. Review prior year work. Your child might resist, but this year is an anomaly, so reviewing work (with the purpose of improving retention) is wise. Try to have your child review saved worksheets or other assignments even just a few minutes a day. That math or English textbook will also come in handy. Even a little effort to retain what was learned throughout the last 9 months will make a difference and help your child remember what they learned when they head back to school in the fall.
  3. Adopt a summer reading habit. Summer is the best time of year to encourage children to activate their love of reading, and best of all, reading is one of the easiest ways to deter learning loss. Huntington’s Reading Adventure program launched last month, which offers participants (Huntington students and non-Huntington students alike) a variety of high-interest book choices by grade level and reading ability. Learn more at
  4. Get ahead. While summer is a good time to close any skill gaps and correct any problems that arose during the school year, it is also a chance for students to get ahead and fortify their strengths. So, if your child is taking any challenging classes next year or wants to solidify knowledge gained last year, summer learning can help them do just that.
  5. Follow the interests. The key to successful summer learning is to get your child consistently doing something that stretches their minds and uses their skills. Follow their lead by suggesting a summer science project, a class at a local community center, or a self-directed research project on a favorite topic. There are opportunities to learn all around if your child is creative and willing. And when they’re your child’s ideas, that’s even better!

If your child could use to catch up this summer—or you simply want to make sure they are retaining everything they’ve learned this past year—call Huntington. We’ll help your child reach any goals and make the most of this summer. It’s been a challenging year, after all, and it’s vital that you help set your child up for success going forward. Call 1-800 CAN LEARN today to discuss our academic assessments and summer learning programs, offered both in-center and online.