Demand for Tutoring Sees Significant Increase

By Huntington Learning Center

The tutoring industry is strong and getting stronger, as reported by Research and Markets recent report, “Private Tutoring – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics.”  Parents across the country continue to seek high-quality tutoring programs (K-12) to help students of all ages become stronger, more confident students.  

Tutoring demand has been steadily increasing since Huntington Learning Center was founded, as evidenced by our growth as a company for nearly five decades,” Last Name says. “When parents turn to Huntington for tutoring help, it’s often after they’ve seen their child struggle in school for a while. Our individualized approach is effective because we pinpoint each student’s problem areas and develop a detailed plan of instruction to correct them.

Individualized Tutoring Help is Most Effective 

Last Name shares that while tutoring programs for K-12 grades can make a tremendous difference for students who are struggling in the classroom, not all programs are effective. Individualized tutoring is preferable to group tutoring. One-to-one tutoring has many advantages over larger group tutoring:  

  • Personalized instruction – Individualized tutoring programs are designed around the student. At Huntington, a student’s abilities are assessed first so that the program of instruction fits that student’s needs and academic goals.
  • More than just subject-matter knowledge – One-to-one tutoring programs build academic skills and catch students up to the rest of their peers, of course, but they also teach students organizational skills, better homework habits, and how to study effectively and efficiently. 
  • No “hiding” for students – It’s easy for students to “fly under the radar” of teachers in classrooms of 20 to 30 students. With one-to-one tutoring programs, it’s just a teacher and a student working together to make sure that student feels confident at every step.
  • No falling behind – Individualized tutoring is an entirely different experience for students who are used to feeling lost or behind in their school classroom. At Huntington, programs are designed to meet students where they are, and the teacher helps students master each skill and content area before moving on.  

Signs a Student Needs Tutoring Help 

While the most obvious sign of academic trouble is low grades, there are many other warning signs that a child may need tutoring help. It’s important to pay attention to more than just homework grades and report cards. Often, problems start small and grow over time. Parents should watch for these things:  

  • Negative attitude – Children go through many changes growing up, and it’s not uncommon for some to go through periods of heightened pessimism about school and life in general. But a negative attitude about all things school related—especially for a child who used to like school—might be a symptom of other issues.  
  • An overly long amount of time on homework – If nightly homework sessions are long and you often suspect that your child is distracted or struggling with the material, dig deeper. This could be a sign of a learning issue, especially if those marathon homework sessions don’t result in good grades. 
  • Weak executive functioning skills – In elementary school, a student with weak study, organization and time management skills might still be able to get by just fine. But as school becomes more rigorous and teachers’ demands increase, deficits in these skills will cause problems and interfere with learning. 
  • Reading difficulty – Reading problems do not go away on their own. If your child is approaching late elementary school or middle school and still struggles with reading speed and fluency, it’s important to get them the tutoring help they need. Every subject requires strong reading ability. Left uncorrected, your child will fall behind as reading material becomes more complex, and their frustration will grow.  

Call the Nation’s Tutoring and Test Prep Leader  

There are many companies to choose from in the vast U.S. tutoring industry, but few companies have the track record of success that Huntington Learning Center has.  

Whether your child is struggling with one class or several, or whether they are in first grade or 11th grade, Huntington can help. Thousands of students have seen great success in our tutoring programs. There’s nothing we love more than helping a student improve both their grades and their confidence. We help them acquire skills to last a lifetime.

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