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By Dr. Raymond Huntington

Are school challenges getting your student down? With the end of the school year in sight, many are looking toward summer break with excitement—but it’s important that you make sure your student finishes the school year strong. And that means closing any skill gaps.

Here are signs that students need help sooner than later:

  • They’re apathetic. They’ve given up entirely. Grades have worsened throughout the year and your student doesn’t seem to care. If you notice them talking negatively about school, or that they have stopped talking about school (and they used to), it’s a big red flag.
  • They’re distracted. The remote/hybrid school year has proven difficult for lots of students, but an unintended side effect of all this computer time for some is attention difficulties. If your student had trouble with this before and it seems worse than ever, it’s time to get help.
  • They’re angry. On the other side of the attitude spectrum is a student who is negative and angry more than usual. Watch for mood swings like this because they might stem from school challenges.
  • Homework trouble is nightly. Homework reinforces or extends classwork. When a student wrestles with homework on a regular basis and most homework sessions result in tears or serious frustration, it’s a sign that they’re not understanding class material.

If you know your student needs help, keep in mind that it isn’t too late. The school year is wrapping up, but your student’s learning should never stop. And if your child has struggled this year, there is no benefit in waiting to get them the help they need. With many states resuming standardized testing after a one-year reprieve, the snapshot of your student’s school performance might not look as you expect. You can help them get back on track—with Huntington.

Huntington programs are customized to each individual student—so, your child will receive the individualized help they need based on an academic evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses. That means if your child is struggling in math but doing well in reading, a learning program will be created that meets your child where they are. That program of instruction will address learning and subject-specific problems and make sure your child continues to succeed in subjects where they’re already doing well.

Call Huntington at 1-800 CAN LEARN to discover how our highly trained tutors can help your student become a stronger, happier student and close any of the learning gaps that appeared or widened during the last 13 months. We understand how difficult it is to see your child’s self-esteem diminish. We’ll help your student turn things around before the next school year.


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