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Back to School Learning Sessions Make a Big Difference!

Pencils are being sharpened, books are being distributed, and students are eagerly anticipating the beginning of a new year both at school and at learning centers across the country. Even though the new school year is nearly upon us it's not too late to consider enrolling in back to school learning sessions. Specially trained tutors can help ensure you are ready for the upcoming school year, your confidence gets a healthy boost, and all of the material you've previously mastered can be put to good use next year.

If you're considering enrolling in tutoring sessions at one of our Huntington Learning Centers locations ask yourself these important questions:

Are you prepared for the upcoming term?
You work hard in your school classes and you don't want to waste precious time on poor organization or ineffective study skills. Back to school learning sessions at Huntington Learning Centers will help you discover your studying preferences and can improve your ability to study effectively. Strong study skills and consistent habits will have an incredible impact on your grades next school year. Simple changes to your study routine can make a big difference.

Do you want to reduce summer slide?
Research shows that students may lose previously mastered skills during the summer months. The time spent away from school and in a more relaxed atmosphere may impact what you learned last year. Think about everything you knew and were able to do at the end of last school year. Could you still perform at the same level?

If you are worried about the skills and learning you may have lost, Huntington Learning Centers can help. The specially trained staff members on location at each learning center are prepared to ensure you return to school as sharp as when you left before summer break. Careful assessment will determine your current performance level and will help your tutor devise a custom learning plan just for you. If summer has been tough on your previously mastered skills your tutor will work with you to review material and prepare for next term.

Are you scheduled for a new subject area next term? Perhaps it is your first year taking chemistry or you're anxious about the difference between geometry and the algebra you've already mastered. If you're faced with a subject area you've never taken before it's beneficial to get a head start. Think about back to school learning sessions like the warm up before a big game. The players take time to stretch their muscles and walk through game expectations. Back to school study sessions at Huntington Learning Centers are very similar. We'll help you look forward to your courses and build the foundational skills necessary for success in a new subject area. You'll enter your new class at the beginning of the school year confident in your ability to succeed.

Could you use a boost of confidence? Having confidence in your ability to succeed academically is just as important as the skills and knowledge you possess. If you're doubting whether you are ready for the upcoming term it may be a great idea to enroll in back to school learning sessions to gain the confidence you need. The tutors at Huntington Learning Centers will help assuage any fears you have, assess your current strengths and weaknesses, and develop a personalized learning plan. You'll have the opportunity to reinforce previous learning, master new skills, and gain confidence in your ability to succeed. Waiting to seek help once the work is too hard or you feel completely overwhelmed may be too late. Taking action now will provide the confidence that you're ready for whatever is ahead.


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