3 Ways Parents Can Help Their Child With Algebra

By Huntington Learning Center

Algebra is a challenging subject for many students. Yet algebra is not as difficult as some students 
believe – it may just take more time and attention for some students to learn the basic concepts of algebra 1 and/or algebra 2. Here’s how you can provide algebra help to your child. 

  1. Practice Problems - Repetition is the key to understanding algebra properly. Have your student redo word problems that they have had difficulties with on previous quizzes or tests. Then, move on to other algebra problems in their text book that are similar. Some students learn better through practice instead of conceptually.  Make sure to only do algebra problems to which you have the answer key so you can correct your student’s work.
  2. Mobile Apps - Technology might be the key to helping your child understand algebraic equations. Many algebra-based apps are available on sites like iTunes for free. The U.S. Department of Education donated $740,000 to the Center for Algebraic Thinking to create these apps in the hope of aiding struggling students. Apps are an alternative for students to practice once they understand the initial principles. These free apps provide practice problems with the answer keys built in. Check to see if any algebra apps on iTunes can help your student.
  3. Talk with your Child’s Teacher - Chat with the teacher to better understand your child’s progress. As a professional educator, they’ll convey your student’s weak points and possibly offer you tips on how to help them outside of class. Your student might have trouble with word problems, but understand solving quadratic equations. This information will help your strategy – and if you ultimately decide to seek tutoring help, you will be able to speak knowledgably about what areas are causing the most concern for your child.

Overall, if you feel your child is having trouble gaining traction in algebra 1 and/or algebra 2, seek tutoring help. The professional tutors at Huntington Learning Center are able to explain subjects in ways that make the most sense to students. Your child’s education is vital to their future, so intervene early if you see problems. Huntington Learning Center helps students with homework, as well as quiz and test preparation, so your student can build a better future today.