Master Today's Study Skills For Tomorrow's Success

By Huntington Learning Center

Long term academic success depends on solid study skills. What you do today will have an impact on your immediate understanding and is also important for your ongoing knowledge. The skills and understanding you acquire today will build the foundation of success for tomorrow.

There are many surefire study skills that are certain to boost your long term academic success, including:

  1. Finding The Perfect Space Preparing the area where you'll study is crucial to long term academic success. Find a place that is quiet, free of distractions, and offers a comfortable place to work.
  2. Gathering Materials Before You Start Take a few minutes to assess what you plan on studying  and then gather all the necessary materials. If you have to break from your studying to find a book, calculator, or set of notes you will likely loose your focus and waste precious studying time.
  3. Planning Your Work Having a weekly study schedule is a great way to ensure you spend plenty of time on each subject area. Find regular blocks of time, each week, that can be dedicated to studying. Use these blocks of time wisely by prioritizing which subject areas require the most time each week.
  4. Being Patient It can take time to learn new skills and master new concepts. Be patient with your learning and information retention. Repeated practice and review can help cement new concepts and propel you toward mastery.
  5. Using Your Notes Make sure you are taking notes during your classes that you can refer to once you start studying. It is hard to remember everything that is covered in class and taking notes will help you reconnect with the day’s in-class learning. Note taking is a skill. If you could use some help learning the best way to take notes the tutors at Huntington Learning Centers can help. You will benefit from personalized sessions that teach efficient note taking strategies.
  6. Starting Early Cramming rarely works. Waiting until the last minute to start studying may result  in temporary understanding but will do very little to impact overall knowledge. Plan ahead to ensure you have plenty of time to study before exam day.
  7. Eliminating Distractions Turn your cell phone off, log off of social media  sites, and fully connect with your studying. It’s ok to go offline during these sessions because you want to ensure you can focus completely on the subject you are studying. 
  8. Taking A Break If you plan to study for an extended period of time make sure you find time to take a few breaks. Leaving the books behind for a short walk, snack, or brief conversation will help recharge your batteries to finish the study session strong. 
  9. Discovering What Works For You Each student is different. What works for others may not be what is best for you. The most important part of studying is knowing what works for you and sticking to your plan. The professionals at Huntington Learning Centers can work with you to help discover which strategies work best for your learning style. These personalized sessions will transform your studying and can help ensure long term academic success.
  10. Preparing Your Body And Mind In order to get the most out of our your study sessions you should pay attention to both your body and your mind. Being hungry or tired can affect your study habits and may prevent you from learning. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep at night and are eating a balanced diet. Stay away from sugary snacks and caffeine to ensure mental acuity. 


The tutoring professionals at Huntington Learning Centers are specially trained to help you improve your study skills. What are your studying strengths? What could use improvement?


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