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Five Steps for Teaching Anxious Kids to Recognize and Name Their Feelings

May. 11, 2020

Anxiety is a normal reaction during these times, and we all need to find healthy ways to cope with our anxious feelings. For kids with ADHD, signs of anxiety can easily be missed because they often mimic ADHD symptoms.

What Anxiety Looks Like in Kids with ADHD During Coronavirus

May. 04, 2020

Children with ADHD are more prone to anxiety than kids without ADHD – and that is during “normal” times when we are not in the middle of a national crisis.

Managing Your Emotions During the Coronavirus Crisis

Apr. 27, 2020

If you are a parent of a child with ADHD and feel like you are hanging on by a thread, you are not alone. As the coronavirus pandemic stretches on, emotions are running high and patience is running low.

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