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Welcome to Huntington’s Reading Adventure program themed “Anywhere you want to go!”. Join us and unlock limitless imagination, travel back in time or to distant lands, learn about real or fictional characters, and have some fun. This adventure truly enables you to go anywhere you want to go!

Reading Adventure is a staple of Huntington’s summer program to bring reading to life through adventures. In response to COVID-19, we launched before summer and expanded the program to invite everyone to participate whether or not you are enrolled in a Huntington program. We expanded the program with Reading Live on our YouTube channel at 1pm EST Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.

Travel anywhere you want to go through Reading Adventure! This is a great activity to stay engaged and active. To start your adventure, complete the below form and you will receive your “reading passport” to keep track of your Reading Adventure.

Tag #HuntingtonReadingAdventure for a chance to win a $25 gift card each week and post a photograph or recap of a story you read via Facebook or Instagram. We will select a winner from a random drawing to win the gift card every Friday.

Happy reading!

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