Huntington Learning Center Reading Adventure

Thank you for your interest in Huntington Learning Center’s summer Reading Adventure program! Our 2021 program has ended with the start of the new school year. While we begin work on our 2022 Reading Adventure program, here are some great resources to enjoy:

How Can You Help Children Love to Learn Again?

We all know how hard last school year was, but it’s time for a new chapter and a fresh start. Here are several tips on how you can help your child enjoy learning once again and minimize any back-to-school dread that might already be creeping into their minds.

Eight Ways to Support Your Child’s Reading Habit

Developing reading habits among children takes persistence and patience on parents’ part. And with reading playing such an important role in a child’s education, Huntington Learning Center says that the effort is definitely worth it.

Four Benefits of Reading Aloud

Teachers of young students often read aloud to them, but the truth is, it’s valuable to do so even with older students. Here are just a few benefits you and your child will find in this practice.