Huntington Gets Results

Huntington Learning Center Results Case Study

In 2019, Huntington Learning Center surveyed 3,298 students about college scholarships and ACT/SAT scores. Here are highlights from the national results:

  • 41% of Huntington students who applied to Ivy League schools reported scholarship offers averaging $126,697 per student.
  • The average SAT score went from 1035 to 1264 after completing a Huntington SAT prep program—a 229 point increase.
  • The average ACT score went from 22.2 to 27.6 after completing a Huntington ACT prep program—a 5.4 increase.

Personalized Plan for Each Student

“We liked the personalized curriculum and study guides, and we liked that it focused on the weak areas.”
Mrs. P.

Increased Skills and Confidence

“The level of instruction for students is based on your concrete data, that is assessed at the beginning. Therefore, it is personalized for the needs of that student. The instructors were knowledgeable and humorous at times. Overall, you get the results you want when you walk in the door. Students see an increase in skills and confidence.”
Lia R.

Improved Scores

“The program worked well because it was tailored to his needs and those needs were improved upon, which allowed him to boost his scores.”
Laura L.

Our students have been accepted at these schools