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Huntington students gain the skills necessary to meet the expectations of state standards. For example, here is how Huntington has aligned with states using Common Core State Standards:

Our balanced reading program targets

Key Ideas and Details

Craft and Structure

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

Range of Reading

Level of Text Complexity

Our math instruction targets

Ratios and Proportional Relationships

The Number System and Functions

Expressions and Equations

Statistics and Probability



All our teachers must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and hold, or have held, state or Huntington teaching certification. We can also employ your district’s teachers to staff the program. If the number of students exceeds district staffing capability, we will provide additional teachers, pending availability.


Huntington is accredited by Middle States Association (MSA). This accreditation certifies Huntington’s competency and credibility when it comes to tutoring programs by meeting or exceeding commonly accepted standards of educational quality.


  1. We will not use or share any personal or identifying student data to others outside the company.
  2. We may use some aggregate-level student data for research and marketing, including beginning scores, ending scores, and total score increases.
  3. We may request written parent permission to share photos or personal narratives about the program for marketing purposes.

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