Sarah B.

I LOVE HUNTINGTON. I love coming to Huntington. Ok, at first, I hated the thought of coming. Truly hated my parents for even suggesting it. But, I will say it- they were right. Not only has it helped me more than I thought I could be helped but, I have made the best friends at Huntington. I have also found caring and loving teachers-which I didn't know existed anymore. I have not been in Huntington for 11/2 years now and the F's from before Huntington are a thing of the past. I am now a straight A student (with an occasional help session from Huntington for math or science). And, I know it is because of Huntington that I can proudly say that I will be a UTE next year!


Sean first came to Huntington in Brick, NJ as an elementary student who was struggling. After Huntington helped him achieve academic success in third grade, his mom and dad knew that when Sean began struggling with geometry in ninth grade, Huntington was the place they would go for help. When his parents came into the center for a conference, Sean was on the brink of failing geometry. Having recently implemented a new subject tutoring curriculum, we began tutoring Sean in geometry, using his high school textbook.

To follow up on Sean's progress in the classroom and ensure his improvements at Huntington were translating into success at school, as center director, I made an appointment with his geometry teacher to discuss the situation and how we could help improve his grade and further his progress.

His teacher informed me that Sean was improving and understanding and applying the material that he was learning during his Huntington lessons. Sean's current grade, in fact, was a B+.

All in all, Sean's performance on tests, homework and class work yielded him an A for the semester and put him on the honor roll.


I can hardly describe how many ways Huntington in Manhasset, NY has helped me with school. Before I went to Huntington, I was barely passing. I was a D and F student. When my parents told me that I was going to have to go to Huntington, I'm not going to lie; I didn't have any intention of going or even doing the slightest bit of work. The first day I was there they made me take a four-hour test to see where I was in school. Needless to say, the test didn't go so smoothly. I was in ninth grade and they said that my writing was like someone in fifth or sixth grade. I took it as an insult because I thought that I wrote pretty well. They said that my math skills were those of a seventh-grader. That I could believe, because math has always been a problem for me. I didn't start understanding Huntington Learning Center until I got used to my routine there. In the year and a half I've been here, I've really grown to enjoy the staff and the other students here. Huntington Learning Center has helped me take my D and F average up to a B average. To some, a B may not be good, but to me it's a life changer and I have everyone at Huntington Learning Center to thank for it.


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