SAT* Subject Tests Prep

What are the SAT Subject Tests?

SAT Subject Tests are standardized, national admissions tests given on individual subjects. SAT Subject Tests are high school level tests that cover high school level content. They are usually taken in order to highlight your area of achievement or to improve credentials for admission into college. SAT Subject Tests give you an opportunity to present your strong skills in an academic area, demonstrate knowledge learned outside the classroom, or show your preparedness for a certain college major or program. They generally help to provide a more accurate picture of your academic background.

Colleges may use SAT Subject Test scores to make admissions decisions, place you into courses, fulfill basic college requirements, or give credit for introductory-level courses.

What is the content of an SAT Subject Test? What are the different SAT Subject Tests available?

SAT Subject Tests are one-hour long, multiple-choice tests. Each test covers the content of that subject. For example, the SAT Subject Test in Mathematics 1 covers the content from two school years of algebra and one school year of geometry. For more details on each exam, visit

There are 20 SAT Subject Tests that cover the 5 general academic areas of math, science, history, English, and languages. Huntington preps for those identified with an asterisk. Check with your local Huntington Center to determine if it preps for other SAT Subject Tests.

  • Biology E/M (Ecological or Molecular)*
  • Chemistry*
  • Chinese with listening
  • French
  • French with Listening
  • German
  • German with Listening
  • Italian
  • Japanese with listening
  • Korean with listening
  • Latin
  • Literature
  • Mathematics 1*
  • Mathematics 2*
  • Modern Hebrew
  • Physics*
  • Spanish
  • Spanish with Listening
  • U.S. History
  • World History


*This indicates an SAT Subject Test for which Huntington can prep. Check with your local Huntington Center to determine if it preps for other SAT Subject Test.

How long is an SAT Subject Test?

Each SAT Subject Test is one hour in length.

How do I register for an SAT Subject Test? When are the tests offered?

Typically, SAT Subject Tests are offered on the same dates as the regular SAT, and you may take up to three SAT Subject Tests in one day. You may not take the SAT and an SAT Subject Test on the same date.

The Language with Listening tests are usually given only once a year, typically in November. If you are taking more than one test on any date, the Language with Listening test is administered first. Only one Language with Listening test may be taken per test date.

SAT Subject Test dates, locations, and registration information can be found at At registration, you must choose which SAT Subject Test(s) you plan to take on that date.

When do I get my SAT Subject Test scores?

In general, SAT Subject Test scores are available online approximately 19 days after a test date. SAT score reports are mailed out approximately 27 days after a test date. Scores by phone are released according to the same schedule as scores by web, but there is an additional fee attached.

How many times can I take each SAT Subject Test?

SAT Subject Tests can be taken multiple times. It is generally recommended that you not take any one test more than twice.

How are the SAT Subject Tests scored?

The SAT Subject Tests are scored on a scale of 200 to 800, just like the individual sections of the regular SAT. Score choice is available on the Subject Tests, allowing you to determine whether or not to send scores to colleges.

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