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All Huntington tutors are professionals who have a high level of competency in their area of expertise and receive continual training from us. They care about each student and want to help make the most progress as quickly as possible. They love helping children succeed. When you bring your child in for a session, you'll see the same constant encouragement and positive reinforcement that our educators have used with students for more than 35 years.

All of our tutors are college-educated and are either state or Huntington certified and many hold advanced degrees, usually in education. Our custom-designed facility offers windows between every instructional room to insure that all of our tutors are under our constant supervision and that no tutor is ever alone with any child.

We have an extensive training program for all our tutors. They begin with a six-hour initial training program that includes an introduction to the Huntington System and its teaching methods, a review of Huntington curriculum, and observing experienced teachers. Each individual who is not a state-certified teacher must earn Huntington certification before he or she may tutor for us. Our Huntington Reading certification program totals 57 hours of training and our Huntington Math certification program totals 53 hours of training.

Each month, we conduct teacher meetings to discuss student progress and to train - and re-train - in various teaching methods and curriculum items.

We have a formal tutor review process that includes frequent observations of their student instructional interaction and periodic evaluations. We pride ourselves on our professional relationship with our tutors and being able to manage them to achieve the best results for your child.

Join the thousands of parents who have called for help: 1 800 CAN LEARN.

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