How do I know if my child needs help with Academic Skills?

What grades need Academic Skills?

Students in all grades, from kindergarten through grade 12, plus college students and adults need Academic Skills.

What are some signs that my child needs help with Academic Skills?

They could occur at any time in your child's school career. Students begin learning Academic Skills in the early grades and each grade builds on the previous grade's work. If your child had difficulty in one grade, the problems begin compounding, unless you take the steps needed to remedy the deficiencies.

One common thread is when you repeatedly see inappropriate behavior or when your child's teacher repeatedly expresses concerns about your child.

Here are some warning signs:

  • Your child's teacher or school personnel:

    • Tell you that your son is a day dreamer, a class clown, or acts out

    • Tell you that your daughter is a social butterfly

    • Are discussing retention

    • Suggest a child study team evaluation or that your child should be classified

  • You believe or observe that your child:

    • Tries to do homework, but never seems to finish it

    • Avoids or refuses to do homework

    • Takes too long to do homework or homework is a battle

    • Has difficulty preparing for tests or writing that term paper

    • Can't read the textbook

    • Does poorly on tests or gets poor grades

    • Is missing the confidence or motivation to do school work or homework

    • Receives grades that do not reflect his ability

    • Gives up easily or frequently does not want to try

    • Doesn't want to read

    • Is disorganized

    • Begins projects at the last minute

  • Your child:

    • Acts out in school, daydreams in class, is unruly at home, is disrespectful towards others, or has a discipline problem

    • Does poorly on standardized tests

    • Was retained

    • Becomes quiet or withdrawn

    • Is angry

    • Changes behavior

    • Has a new set of friends who concern you

  • Your child's teacher repeatedly expresses concerns about your child's ability to succeed, says important school skills are missing, or wants him or her retained.

  • Your child has been placed, or may soon be placed, in a special education class or similar kind of class.

  • You've been told your child has a learning disability.

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