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New York Regents High School Exams, often referred to as Regents, are mandatory exams in New York State. They are created and administered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of NY. Each exam is created by selected NY teachers, and each exam highlights required knowledge and skills from its subject area. In order to graduate high school in NY, a student must earn a Regents High School Diploma. A student must earn a certain number of credits in various subject areas by passing those courses, as well as earn a score of at least 65 on the Regents exam in that subject.

Regents exams are administered at the student's high school. Test dates are typically in January, June, and August, although not all schools offer the August tests. Most students take Regents Exams in June of sophomore and junior years. If a student does not pass a Regents Exam, he or she may re-take that exam as many times as needed. For example, a student who fails the U.S. History exam in June of junior year may take the exam again that August. However, if this exam is not offered in his area in August, he must wait until January of his senior year to re-take the exam.

To receive a Regents High School Diploma, a student in NY must pass 5 Regents Exams:

  • Integrated Algebra
  • Global History
  • U.S. History
  • Comprehensive English
  • Any one science Regents, from a choice of 4: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics

To receive an Advanced Regents High School Diploma, students must also pass an additional science exam of their choice, as well as two additional math exams in Geometry and Algebra 2/Trigonometry.

Most Regents Exams are structured in two parts. Part 1 is typically a multiple-choice section, usually between 30 and 50 questions. Part 2 is typically a long answer or essay section, where work must be shown.

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Interested in preparing for the Regents ?
Huntington can help! Call 1 800 CAN LEARN


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