Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT)

The Armed Forces Qualification Test, or AFQT, consists of the following four sections from the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB): Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Arithmetic Reasoning, and Mathematics Knowledge. The scores from these four sections make up the Military Entrance Score, which is also known as the AFQT. The AFQT score is used to determine your eligibility for entrance into the Armed Services, as well as your training potential with the Armed Services. For more information on the ASVAB exam, click here:

The AFQT score is computed as follows:

    • Combine the scores on Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension into a composite known as Verbal Ability (VE).
    • Add twice the Verbal Ability score to your scores for Math Knowledge (MK) and Arithmetic Reasoning (AR).


Mathematically, this is computed as: AFQT = 2VE + MK + AR.

The AFQT Raw Score is then converted into a Percentile Score to determine your eligibility. This Percentile Score is compared to the scores of a national sample of other test takers, aged 18 to 23. Your percentile scores lets you know how well you scored compared to these other test takers.

AFQT scores are ranked in categories. AFQT Category I tends to represent those who are above average in trainability; and Category V tends to represent those who are extremely low in trainability. Individuals scoring in Category V are generally not permitted entrance into the military.

AFQT Category Percentile Score Range
I 93-99
II 65-92
IIIA 50-64
IIIB 31-49
IV 10-30
V 1-9

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Interested in preparing for the AFQT ?
Huntington can help! Call 1 800 CAN LEARN


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