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Huntington helped her with confidence.


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Lauren's Success Story
Study Skills

"When I first started Huntington I was so against the whole idea of coming to a two hour tutoring session everyday. To me I thought it was some kind of punishment. I soon realized that was not the case at all. I grew to love each and every day I spent at Huntington. I built awesome skills like reading comprehension and math skills that I never thought I could get."

Cameron's Success Story

"We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for Cameron. He is not the same boy who walked into your center back in September. We will be forever grateful for the confidence you have given him. We will continue our relationship with Huntington as Cameron goes through his school years - it is the best investment in his future we could have made."

Tracy's Success Story

"Huntington made a major difference for our daughter and I tell any teacher or parent I come across because I see how the individualized care that went into teaching our daughter made such a huge difference. We have been with Huntington now for close to 3 years and the progress she has made is remarkable. They meet with her teachers in school to get feedback so they can tailor her lessons and make it work for her."

Jon's Success Story
Study Skills

Before coming to Huntington, Jon lacked confidence and was really struggling in school.  His grades were mostly Cs, and he was extremely unorganized.  Jon has been with us since the end of January.  He recently got his report card for the third marking period.  Not only did he get all As and Bs, but he made the honor roll for the first time ever.

Meghan's Success Story

Meghan came to us with a 530 in Math on the last SAT she took. She had 700s in Critical Reading and Writing, but wanted to bring her math grade up. Unfortunately, she came to us with only a few weeks before the March test. As with everything else she does, Meghan gave her Math SAT program her all in the weeks before the test and, we are very proud to say, she earned a 690 on the math portion of the March SAT

Marquita's Success Story
Study Skills

"Before I came here, I did not have any confidence in my work. That has changed significantly. I now have so much confidence in all of the work that I do. I needed better study skills, and Huntington went above and beyond in giving me those skills. I am setting and reaching higher goals that I was never able to reach before coming here."

Julien's Success Story
Study Skills

"Our son has been doing extremely well in school since he started attending Huntington. His study habits have improved, his confidence has increased and he's looking forward to attending college."

Brittany's Success Story
Social Studies

Brittany came to our center with poor study skills and low self-confidence. We worked with her on study skills and linking important information together...Brittany starting doing well in her classes and her grades were improving except for her Social Studies.

Brittany's test and quiz grades were very low so she brought in her study guides and we broke down the information so she could better understand and remember the information. With each test, Brittany became more and more confident. She called last week to tell us the she went from a 50 to and 95 on a re-take quiz.

Olivia's Success Story

"Thank you so much for the support you have given Olivia and our family. We appreciate your help and the attention you have given Olivia has boosted her confidence tremendously. She LOVED tutoring and I know that most of that was due to the fact she knew you cared about her, and wanted to see her succeed...on a side note, Olivia had a high B in Reading Workshop for the quarter and one of the highest grades in her class in English (95.4%)!!"

Michael's Success Story

When Michael initially started his SAT preparation, he scored a 1960 (Critical Reading: 620; Math: 650; and Writing: 690).  His goal was to break 2000.

When Michael got back his PSAT scores, he was delighted to learn that he scored a 2180.  Michael's weakest area on his evaluation was reading and on his PSAT he received a perfect score...an 800!

Jordan's Success Story
Study Skills

Jordan was struggling in many areas of reading, but comprehension gave him the most trouble….he is now is a sophomore…and, with many thanks to Huntington and your staff, he is doing very well. He recently received an application to join the National Honor Society….Your program in reading has helped him in so many ways and we are very grateful. Your program works!

Jerome's Success Story
Study Skills

"Huntington made a major difference for our son and I tell any teacher or parent I come across because I see how the individualized care that went into teaching our son made such a huge difference. We have been with Huntington now for close to 3 years and the progress he has made is remarkable. They meet with his teachers in school to get feedback so they can tailor his lessons and make it work for him. As a parent I get a progress meeting monthly to discuss what the teachers are seeing and how we should proceed for the coming month. I am thrilled to say that Huntington has changed my son's life for the better in so many ways. I will be forever grateful to the caring staff for helping put the confidence back into his step."


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